Identify Pond Weeds and Algae

 Do you know what weeds and algae exist in your pond?  Identify pond weeds and algae as the first step to  treating weeds and algae.  Iowa Pond has identified the most common weed types that create issues for most pond owners.

Iowa Pond will help you identify pond weeds and algae.  It is imperative to know the problem before you attempt to treat.  Effective and efficient weed control only happens when the combination of methods, control products, and resources are applied to the right weeds and algae.  A clear understanding of what weeds and algae exist, how they spread, how they can be eliminated and maintained is only a part of what you will get from working with Iowa Pond Experts.  The experts will help you through this process and keep your budget, your goals, and your guaranteed satisfaction first.   Contact the Iowa Pond Experts today!

Algae Identification


Floating Weeds and Submerged Weeds

Emerged Weeds

Learn more about weed control in your pond from Iowa Pond Construction. We work with you to identify the weeds in your pond that are causing aesthetic and health issues for your pond.  We will be your guide in developing an ongoing weed control and pond maintenance plan that will enhance the life of your pond and it sustain it over the years.  We want you to enjoy your pond!