Pond Aeration & Fish Feeders

Pond Aeration and Healthy Fish have everything to do with the health of your pond! We can help you get your pond healthy and maintain the diet of your fish through our aeration and fish feeding products and services.

Does your pond have thick muck at the bottom and a murky appearance? It may need to be aerated! Iowa Pond Construction can help you achieve a healthier looking pond – one with a glass top surface you can gaze into and see your reflection.

What does pond aeration do?

Your pond needs oxygen! That’ s the short of it. Deciding how much oxygen or determining how to get your pond oxygen is the hard part. The process of aeration mixes the pond and pond gasses eliminating the toxic gases and replacing the much needed healthy gasses for a clear, clean, healthy pond.

Why aerate your pond?

Yes, you should aerate your pond. Aerating the pond creates and environment of healthy nutrients that allow the fish in your pond thrive.  The life of the good bacteria and phytoplankton, or the good organisms that survive at the bottom of  your pond is extended at the same time.  Aeration allows the surface water and fresh oxygen to mix into the water near the bottom of the pond. This ultimately creates a healthier pond atmosphere with less muck and clear, clean water.

How to aerate your pond?  

Contact Iowa Pond Construction to learn about the Airmax Aeration System that is best for you, your pond, and your budget.  Iowa Pond Expert, Don Farley, will evaluate your pond and recommend the system that will bring life to your pond. The Iowa Pond Experts will also help you evaluate all of your pond needs and help you develop an monthly and annual pond maintenance program to sustain the overall health of your pond for the long run!


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The AirMax EcoSystem


Fish Feeders

Contact Us to learn more about our fish feeders or to learn more about feeding the fish in your pond. We can help you feed your fish with feeders adapted for all seasons that nature throws our way.