Repairing Your Iowa Pond

In addition to consulting on new pond construction, we also offer pond repair consultations that include dredging, silt and dam repair, and aquatic removal.

If you have an existing pond with leakage, pond silt, algae, weeds, or pond aeration problems, and you’ve tried other pond maintenance solutions with little or no success, dredging your pond to repair or re-build it may be the only solution.

We suggest trying to maintain your pond properly before rebuilding, but, if you’ve already tried all the suggested pond maintenance solutions and you still have pond problems and don’t have the pond you desire, call Don at Iowa Pond Construction, Inc.

You might need to repair your recreational or retention pond if…

  • All your fish are dying or are small
  • Oxygen balance problems
  • Cattails and weeds are out of control in the pond or on the banks
  • The water has a foul odor
  • You’re not sure if the pond is safe to swim in because of these problems
  • The water level is dropping, it won’t hold water
  • You think your pond has silted in – you don’t know how deep it is or how deep it should be
  • Beavers and muskrats have wrecked the shoreline and the banks are collapsing
  • Water breaches the dam or berm and washes it out
  • The shoreline is eroding due to wind action on the water
  • Cattails have taken over the shoreline

How can Iowa Pond Construction help you repair & maintain your pond?

  • Making the pond deeper by dredging to get rid of pond weeds, seeds and the nutrients that feed the them
  • Repair or rebuild an existing dam or berm
  • Add clay or pond liners to stop leakage
  • Add rocks to stabilize the shoreline to prevent erosion and add to aesthetic beauty
  • Tree removal and grubbing
  • Chemical free aquatic weed removal by excavation
  • Habitat management – oxygen balancing and fish kill removal