Iowa Pond Consulting
by Don Farley

Iowa Pond Consultant, Don Farley has been in the Iowa outdoor recreational construction business for 40+ years. He has been there, done that, fixed that and enjoys everything to do with making your construction dream a reality and at a reasonable price to boot!

At the start of Don’s career, he exclusively worked in tennis court construction where he successfully built or improved over 2000 tennis courts in Eastern Iowa. Chances are good that if you’ve played tennis in  Iowa, you’ve been on a court that Don Farley had a hand in building, repairing or maintaining.

With a strong personal interest in athletics and outdoor sports, Don saw the need for baseball and softball field construction, maintenance and repair and added this on to his growing list of specialties in the construction trade servicing Iowa.

A lifetime interest in ponds and fishing led Don to add yet another specialty to his list – pond construction, consulting and repair.

Don’s entire 40 year career and personal interests have always in one way or another, been tied to improving the quality of leisure time. He’s interested in helping you design, construct and maintain your Iowa recreational or retention pond and repair and build your tennis court play area to add to the enjoyment of your home. Iowa Pond Construction’s aim is for Iowa residents to enjoy their interests to the fullest for a lifetime.

Don is eager and happy to assist you in building or rebuilding or repairing your dream pond in  Iowa – he offers professional pond construction consultation services, just give him a call to see how he can best serve your needs. Don will help you design and build your dream pond from the start, or help you improve your existing pond.

Pond Improvement and Maintenance Ideas:

  • Excavate to remove weeds without using chemicals
  • Clear ponds of green water with non-chemical solutions
  • Stock your pond with sport fish according to the capacity of your pond and existing fish population
  • Design animal-friendly habitat to attract the types of animals you want at your pond.
  • Maintain pond depth to foster a balanced fish population and reproduction process
  • Plant non-invasive water plants to support fish habitat
  • Add rocks to stabilize shoreline and improve appearance
  • Add clay or pond liners to stop leakage
  • Repair or rebuild dams and berms
  • Apply chemicals to control weed populations
  • Restore and renovate your pond to your needs

Free Call • Affordable Fees • References

Your initial pond project discussion on the phone with Don is FREE, so don’t hesitate to call him to talk about your pond ideas.

Don offers his services at price that you can afford. Consulting service fees are based on your budget, time, travel and overall pond project scope.

Interested in additional pond needs such as fish stocking, docks, floating rafts, or oxygen balance? Don can lead you in the right direction on these things as well.

Many references are available upon request. Just give Don a shout at (941) 276-4065!