Design, Excavate & Build a New Iowa Pond

Why build a new Iowa pond?

  • Enhance landscaping
  • Improve wildlife habitat and attract the types of animals you want to see
  • Build equity in your property
  • Geothermal heating and cooling – save a bundle on utility bills
  • Recreational enjoyment for future generations
  • Create precious memories for a lifetime!

Why Iowa Pond Construction?

  • We’ll help you design and build your pond right the first time 
  • We’ll help you find the ideal location for your pond based upon soil conditions
  • We’ll help you avoid chronic ongoing pond maintenance problems such as leaking, banks that are too steep, poor water retention and weeds
  • We’ll help you decide if it’s best to construct a new pond or reconstruct an existing poorly built pond
  • Iowa Pond Construction has the expertise to get the job done right!

Where Do I Start?

Consult with Don at Iowa Pond Construction to determine the best pond design for your needs. Then the process goes something like this:

  • Design – Create your dream pond with proper planning based upon the location and purpose of your pond, and the wildlife and plants you want at your pond.
  • Site Prep – Building a new pond start with finding an area with good clay and consistent soils that are conducive to holding water.
  • Excavate & Build – Select a pond construction or land excavation company that offers minimal disturbance to surrounding property during the excavation and construction process.
  • Dam Design & Side Slope Selection – Carefully designed and reinforced in order to avoid future maintenance issues.

Pond construction and design consultations are available from Pond Consultant Don Farley at (941) 276-4065.